How It Works

Our System is designed to help cryptocurrency holders hedge their investment in both rising and falling markets. By using Polobot, users can not only leverage algorymth based lending for greater long term gains, but will also have access to their Poloniex and Bitfinex account data in one location.

The Prerequisites for using Polobot is an account on or and a set of API keys. We do not hold user funds directly. Rather, our services interacts with the Poloniex and Bitfinex exchanges to aggressively make the best loan offers for your account based on current market conditions.

API Keys can be created on both exchanges to give us authority to offer margin funding contracts on your behalf. See image below on how to set up an API key on both Poloniex and Bitfinex:

Membership With Polobot is Free for everyone. All members will have access to our sophisticated AI that places offers in the order book using a well defined strategy. There are a total of 12 variables used to control our AI, all of which can be customized by each member. Say goodbye to Poloniex's and Bitfinex's terrible autoloan functions and let our bot system do the work for you.

Our Bot AI will check your account once every 4 hours. It will first cancel any offers that have not been taken, then will create a new offer with any available funds using customizable lending variables. This system will work when you're on vacation, asleep, or simply too busy to place offers manually.

Premium Membership is available but not mandatory. Premium members benefit from enhanced account management (our bot check Premium Members accounts once per 5 minutes in lieu of once per 4 hours), forum recognition, and priority lending. Additional features for premium members may be offered in the future.

Security Assurance

Trust with your account API keys is understandably a concern. Once Poloniex's API is enabled on your account, it can be restricted under 2FA from making any withdrawals. Bitfinex users can prevent all withdrawls and trading activity during API creation. See our screen shot below for examples. We strongly encourage all users to make use of these security feature. If trust is still a concern, feel free to test our bot by first withdrawing a significant portion of your funds from Poloniex. Also, check out our Bot Demo on our home page for added encouragement of what we can do for you.

You can cancel service at any time either by instructing our bot to stop lending under your bot management page or by revoking the API keys via Poloniex's or Bitfinex's website.

Lending Manually is still possible while our Bot is active. Nothing prevents you from entering loan offers while our bot is operating. But, if you intend to dot this, please keep in mind that while our Bot is designed to cancel unfulfilled loan offers at time of maintenance and will continue to do so. Suspending service will prevent our Bot from canceling any orders.

Running A Competing Bot is allowed, but not recommended. Many users want to use Polobot as a backup management tool to an AI they have created locally. While this is possible, a unique set of API Keys must be used for your competing bot. Each API call requires a nonce value to prevent replay attacks, and this requirement makes it unfeasible to run two bots from the same set of API credentials.

Why Should Everyone Join The PoloBot Club?

Because we're almost certain to make you more money. Our server is reliable, our system can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, and our AI is constantly reviewed by all members to ensure performance. The real question is, why would anyone lending on Poloniex or Bitfinex not join?